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The units of the CIMB FTSE China 50 (“the Fund”) are traded during normal trading hours of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”) upon listing of the Fund.

To invest in the Fund, simply place an order to buy units during the trading day through a broker on Bursa Securities. It is similar to purchasing shares listed on Bursa Securities. All transactions are conducted on willing buyer willing seller basis.

You may place an order with a broker to sell your units on Bursa Securities at any time during the trading day.

Investors may also choose to apply for creation/redemption in a creation/redemption unit block (“Creation/Redemption Unit Block”) or whole multiples thereof, through the Participating Dealers. A Creation/Redemption Unit Block size is currently 650,000 units. This quantity may change from time to time as determined by the Manager, upon consultation with the Trustee and notification to the Participating Dealers. For further details and list of fees and expenses, please refer to the prospectus of the Fund.

Investors can also buy or sell ETF through the CIMB online share trading service.

For further information, please visit our Investor Education section.

CIMB FTSE China 50
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